Southgate, Tilgate and Furnace Green

Springfield Road, West Street and adjoining roads were developed between the coming of the railway in 1848 and the 1870s. Goffs Park Road contained several large properties, but mainly looked out on open fields.

Springfield Road

Furnace GreenSouthgateTilgate

Brighton Road

Cobblers Pit

A footpath which ran from the junction of Malthouse Road and Southgate Road to Tilgate House via Hoggs Hill Farm. It is named after a cobbler who hanged himself, probably during the 19th century, where Tilgate shops now stand.

East Park

The villas in East Park built by Moses Nightingale were named after his favourite Welsh holiday locations.

Goffs Park

Goffs Manor was built in the 15th or 16th century, but in the 19th century it was used as a farmhouse. Edwin Henty bought the farm about 1880. Goffs Park House (originally known as Goffs Hill) was built in 1882 and the surrounding land was converted into a private park. Crawley Parish Council bought Goffs Park House about 1954, and the park became a public recreation area. Goffs Manor became a private house, at one time owned by the actor Peter Vaughan, and is now a pub.

Goffs Park House

Built to the design of architect William Buck in 1882 by Messrs. Peter and Radford of Horsham, the house was originally known as Goffs Hill. It's first owner was Edward Henty, who paid 3,750 for the house. Edward's main home was Ferring Grange in Worthing, and he was a member of the Sussex banking family, which had a branch in Crawley. Crawley Parish Council acquired the building just after the Second World War. A fire on 3rd January 1988 caused extensive damage. Crawley Museum Society opened their museum, previously sited at Ifield Mill, in two of the rooms. The rest of the house was used as council offices before being leased to the Probation Service.

The Builder, December 1882.

Goffs Park Road

Goffs Park Road, originally Goffs Hill Park, was developed by Longleys. Charles Longley lived in one of the houses, Rathcote (which was demolished in 1993). Goffs Park Tower, on the corner of Horsham Road, was built about 1905.

The Hawth

A local beauty spot. The site for the Hawth Arts Centre.

Hawth Avenue
Hawth Avenue, between Haslett Avenue and Southgate Avenue, opened in 1968.

Hoggs Hill

Hogs Hill rises to 300 feet above sea level, and seems to have been named after William le Hog, whose name was recorded in 1327. In the 19th century a new road was cut beside the old easing the steep gradient, making it easier for horse-drawn vehicles. Hogs Hill Farm lay either side of the road, and the Half Moon Inn is just to the south.

Southgate Avenue
Southgate Avenue, between Haslett Avenue and Brighton Road, opened in 1956.