Members of Parliament

Crawley was part of the Horsham constituency, which first sent members to Parliament in 1295. It originally returned two members, but from 1832 this was reduced to one. From 1918 Horsham was amalgamated to form Horsham and Worthing constituency, but became a separate constituency again in 1945. In 1974 it became Horsham and Crawley until 1983 when Crawley became a separate constituency from Horsham.

2019Henry SmithConservative
2017Henry SmithConservative
2015Henry SmithConservative
2010Henry SmithConservative
2005Laura MoffattLabour
2001Laura MoffattLabour
1997Laura MoffattLabour
1992Nicholas SoamesConservative
1987Nicholas SoamesConservative
1983Nicholas SoamesConservative

Horsham and Crawley
1979Peter HordenConservative
1974, OctoberPeter HordenConservative
1974, FebruaryPeter HordenConservative

1970Peter HordenConservative
1966Peter HordenConservative
1964Peter HordenConservative
1959Frederick GoughConservative
1955Frederick GoughConservative
1951Frederick GoughConservative
1950Edward Turnour, 6th Earl WintertonConservative
1945Edward Turnour, 6th Earl WintertonConservative

Horsham and Worthing
1935Edward Turnour, 6th Earl WintertonConservative
1931Edward Turnour, 6th Earl WintertonConservative
1929Edward Turnour, 6th Earl WintertonConservative
1924Edward Turnour, 6th Earl WintertonConservative
1923Edward Turnour, 6th Earl WintertonConservative
1922Edward Turnour, 6th Earl WintertonConservative
1918Edward Turnour, 6th Earl WintertonConservative

1910, DecemberEdward Turnour, 6th Earl WintertonConservative
1910, JanuaryEdward Turnour, 6th Earl WintertonConservative
1906Viscount TurnourConservative
1904 by-electionEdward TurnourConservative
1900John Heywood JohnstoneConservative
1895John Heywood JohnstoneConservative
1893 by-electionJohn Heywood JohnstoneConservative
1892Sir Walter BarttelotConservative
1886Sir Walter BarttelotConservative
1885Sir Walter BarttelotConservative
1880Sir Henry Aubrey-FletcherConservative
1876 by-electionJames Clifton BrownLiberal
1875 by-electionRobert Henry HurstLiberal
1874Sir William Robert Seymour Vesey-FitzgeraldConservative
1869 by-electionRobert Henry HurstLiberal
1868John AldridgeConservative
1865Robert Henry HurstLiberal
1852William Robert Seymour Vesey Fitzgerald
1848 by-electionEdward George Fitzalan-HowardLiberal
1848 by-electionWilliam Robert Seymour Vesey Fitzgerald
1847John Jervis
1844 by-electionRobert Henry Hurst
1841Robert Campbell Scarlett
1832Robert Henry Hurst

Horsham (Two Members Returned)
1829Nicholas William Ridley-ColborneHenry Fitzalan-Howard, Earl of Arundel
1827Nicholas William Ridley-ColborneRobert Hurst
1826Henry Edward FoxRobert Hurst
1820Sir John Aubrey, BtRobert Hurst
1818George Richard PhillipsRobert Hurst
1812Sir Arthur Leary PiggottRobert Hurst
1807Sir Samuel RomillyWhigLove Parry Jones-Parry
1806Francis John WilderLove Parry Jones-Parry
1804Edward HilliardJames Edward Harris, Viscount FitzHarris
1802Edward HilliardPatrick Ross
1796Sir John MacPhersonJames Fox-Lane
1793Lord William GordonWilliam Fullarton
1792Lord William GordonJames Baillie
1790Timothy ShelleyWilson Braddyll
1784Jeremiah CrutchleyPhilip Metcalfe
1783Sir George OsbornJames Crauford
November 1780Sir George OsbornJames Wallace
September 1780George Legge, Viscount LewishamJames Wallace
1776Charles Moore, 6th Earl of DroghedaJames Wallace
1774Jeremiah DysonJames Wallace
1770Robert PrattJames Wallace
1768Robert PrattJames Grenville
1763Robert PrattSir Lionel Pilkington
1748Charles IngramSir Lionel Pilkington
1747Charles IngramGeneral Charles Ingram
1741Sir Richard MillGeneral Charles Ingram
1737Charles EversfieldGeneral Charles Ingram
1722Charles EversfieldHenry Ingram, 7th Viscount of Irvine
1721Charles EversfieldArthur Ingram (of Barrowby)
June 1715Arthur Ingram, 6th Viscount of IrvineArthur Ingram (of Barrowby)
January 1715Sir Henry GoringCharles Eversfield
1713John MiddletonCharles Eversfield
1710John MiddletonJohn Wicker
1708John Wicker
1707Henry Goring
1705Henry Cowper
1702John WickerHenry Cowper
November 1701John WickerHenry Yates
January 1701Henry CowperHenry Yates
1695John MachellHenry Yates
1690John MachellThomas White
1685John MachellAnthony Eversfield
1681John MachellJohn Michell
1679Anthony EversfieldJohn Michell
1669Sir John CovertOrlando Bridgeman
1661Sir John CovertHenry Chowne
1660Thomas MiddletonHall Ravenscroft


5th June 1975

Do you think the UK should stay in the European Community (Common Market)?

West Sussex

Electorate: . Turnout: 316,818 - 68.6%. Number of spoilt ballots : .

5th May 2011

At present, the UK uses the “first past the post” system to elect MPs to the House of Commons. Should the “alternative vote” system be used instead?


Electorate: 72,100. Turnout: 28,414 - 39.4%. Number of spoilt ballots : 146.

23rd June 2016

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?


Electorate: ?. Turnout: 53,884 - 73.2%. Number of spoilt ballots : 49.