General Election Results


3rd to 19th December 1910
Edward Turnour, 6th Earl Winterton (elected)ConservativeUnopposed

Electorate: 44,355

15th January to 10th February 1910
Edward Turnour, 6th Earl Winterton (elected)Conservative6,32464.2%
R.L. OuthwaiteLiberal3,53435.8%

Electorate: 11,484

12th January to 8th February 1906
Edward Turnour, Viscount (elected)Conservative4,90353.4%
L.R. ErskineLiberal4,28646.6%

Electorate: 10,508

11th November 1904 Bye-election
Edward Turnour, Viscount (elected)Conservative4,38854.9%
L.R. ErskineLiberal3,60445.1%

Electorate: 10,193

26th September to 24th October 1900
John Heywood Johnstone (elected)ConservativeUnopposed

Electorate: 9,594

13th July to 7th August 1895
John Heywood Johnstone (elected)ConservativeUnopposed

Electorate: 9,298

24th February 1893 Bye-election
John Heywood Johnstone (elected)Conservative4,15060.9%
Regd. G WilberforceLiberal2,66639.1%

Electorate: 9,157

4 July to 26 July 1892
Sir Walter B. Barttelot (elected)Conservative4,39366.0%
Regd. G WilberforceLiberal2,26834.0%

Electorate: 8,938

1st to 27th July 1886
Sir Walter B. Barttelot (elected)ConservativeUnopposed

Electorate: 8,582

24 November to 18 December 1885
Sir Walter B. Barttelot (elected)Conservative4,48364.5%
Samuel BarrowLiberal2,46735.5%

Electorate: 8,582

The Representation of the People Act 1884 extended the borough franchise of 1867 to the counties.

March to April 1880
Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher (elected)Conservative

Electorate: 1,214

1876 Bye-election
James Clifton Brown (elected)Liberal

Electorate: 1,007

December 1875 Bye-election
Robert Henry Hurst (elected)Liberal

Electorate: 992

March 1874
Sir William Robert Seymour Vesey-Fitzgerald (elected)Conservative

Electorate: 955

1869 Bye-election
Robert Henry Hurst (elected)Liberal


December 1868
John Aldridge (elected)Conservative
Robert Henry HurstLiberal


After the 1868 election, petitions were lodged against both candidates and Aldridge chose not to defend his claim so Hurst was declared elected in 1869.

July 1865
Robert Henry Hurst (elected)Liberal

Electorate: 970

The Reform Act 1867 significantly widened the suffrage.

The Reform Act 1832 gave suffrage to propertied male adults.