General Election Results


12th December 2019
Henry SmithConservative27,04054.2%
Peter LambLabour18,68037.4%
Khalil YousufLiberal Democrats2,7285.5%
Iain DicksonGreen1,4512.9%

Overall turnout was 67.2%.

8th June 2017
Henry Smith (elected)Conservative25,42650.6%
Tim LunnonLabour22,96945.7%
Marko ScepanovicLiberal Democrats1,8783.7%

Overall turnout was 68.5%.

7th May 2015
Henry Smith (elected)Conservative22,82947.0%
Chris OxladeLabour16,30333.6%
Chris BrownUK Independence Party6,97914.4%
Sarah OsborneLiberal Democrats1,3392.8%
Guy HudsonGreen Party1,1002.3%

Overall turnout was 65.7%.

6th May 2010
Henry Smith (elected)Conservative21,26444.8%
Chris OxladeLabour15,33632.3%
John VincentLiberal Democrats6,84414.4%
Richard TrowerBritish National Party1,6723.5%
Chris FrenchUK Independence Party1,3822.9%
Philip SmithGreen Party5981.3%
Arshad KhanJustice Party2650.6%
Andrew HubnerIndependent1430.3%

Overall turnout was 65.4%.

5th May 2005
Laura Moffatt (elected)Labour16,41139.1%
Henry SmithConservative16,37439.0%
Rupert SheardLiberal Democrats6,50315.5%
Richard TrowerBritish National Party1,2773.0%
Ronald WaltersUK Independence Party 9352.2%
Robin BurnhamDemocratic Socialist Alliance2630.6%
Arshad KhanJustice Party2100.5%

Overall turnout was 58.6%.

7th June 2001
Laura Moffatt (elected)Labour19,48849.3%
Henry SmithConservative12,71832.2%
Linda SeekingsLiberal Democrat5,00912.7%
Brian GallowayUKIP1,1372.9%
Claire StanifordMonster Raving Loony3831.0%
Arshad KhanJustice Party2710.7%
Karl StewartSocialist Labour2600.7%
Muriel HirschSocialist Alliance2510.6%

1st May 1997
Laura Moffatt (elected)Labour27,75055.1%
Josephine CrabbConservative16,04331.8%
Harold De SouzaLiberal Democrat4,1418.2%
Ronald WaltersReferendum Party1,9313.8%
Eric SaundersUKIP3220.6%
Arshad KhanJustice Party2300.5%

9th April 1992
Nicholas Soames (elected)Conservative30,20448.8%
Laura MoffattLabour22,43936.2%
Gordon SeekingsLiberal Democrat8,55813.8%
M. WilsonGreen7661.2%

11th June 1987
Nicholas Soames (elected)Conservative29,25949.5%
P.J. LeoLabour17,12129.0%
D.N. SimmonsSocial Democrat12,67421.5%

9th June 1983
Nicholas Soames (elected)Conservative25,96348.1%
L. AllenLabour14,14926.2%
T. ForresterSocial Democrat13,90025.7%

Horsham and Crawley

3rd May 1979
P.M. Horden (elected)Conservative42,52952.2%
P.W. NewmanLabour27,50833.8%
M.H. FoleyLiberal10,92013.4%
A. MurchNational Front4930.6%

Electorate: 100,059

10th October 1974
P.M. Horden (elected)Conservative29,86742.1%
M.A. OakeshottLabour26,16836.9%
P. GreenwoodLiberal13,84819.5%
A. BrewerNational Front1,1011.6%

Electorate: 90,944

28th February 1974
P.M. Horden (elected)Conservative31,80242.4%
R. LeightonLabour25,02833.4%
H.C.A. GillLiberal18,16724.2%

Electorate: 89,910 (New Constituancy)


18th June 1970
P.M. Horden (elected)Conservative41,99453.6%
A.J. EdwardsLabour27,70635.4%
H.C.A. GillLiberal8,57411.0%

Electorate: 106,552

The Representation of the People Act 1969 gave suffrage to the adult population over 18.

31st March 1966
P.M. Horden (elected)Conservative32,13945.8%
J.M. BowyerLabour26,09837.2%
O.G.N. BurneLiberal11,93017.0%

Electorate: 88,872

15th October 1964
P.M. Horden (elected)Conservative32,31847.3%
A.E. PeglerLabour22,45032.8%
O.G.N. BurneLiberal12,75018.6%
J. LeeIndependent8651.3%

Electorate: 85.816

8th October 1959
C.F.H. Gough (elected)Conservative37,72561.1%
A.E. PeglerLabour24,01238.9%

Electorate: 76,618

26th May 1955
C.F.H. Gough (elected)Conservative28,59862.6%
W.A. BakerLabour17,08837.4%

Electorate: 59,776 (Revised Constituancy)

25th October 1951
C.F.H. Gough (elected)Conservative25,20466.3%
R.W. KerrLabour12,80333.7%

Electorate: 48,910

23rd February 1950
Edward Turnour, 6th Earl Winterton (elected)Conservative21,62756.4%
H.R. NichollsLabour11,20429.2%
E.M. MarchantLiberal5,53914.4%

Electorate: 48,092

5th July 1945
Edward Turnour, 6th Earl Winterton (elected)Conservative21,81455.0%
A.F.H. LindnerLabour11,66429.4%
Maj. C.A.W. WilliamsonLiberal6,21615.7%

Electorate: 58,033

Horsham and Worthing

14th November 1935
Edward Turnour, 6th Earl Winterton (elected)Conservative41,47876.9%
H.W. PatonLabour12,46623.1%

Electorate: 89,513

27th October 1931
Edward Turnour, 6th Earl Winterton (elected)Conservative44,88688.3%
Miss H.M. KeynesLabour5,93211.7%

Electorate: 75,485

30th May 1929
Edward Turnour, 6th Earl Winterton (elected)Conservative27,87260.1%
P. BoydenLiberal10,90523.5%
Miss H.M. KeynesLabour7,61116.4%

Electorate: 70,220

29th October 1924
Edward Turnour, 6th Earl Winterton (elected)Conservative23,71575.9%
E. StanfordLabour7,53724.1%

Electorate: 46,311

6th December 1923
Edward Turnour, 6th Earl Winterton (elected)Conservative17,92566.8%
E. StanfordLabour8,89233.2%

Electorate: 45,149

15 November 1922
Edward Turnour, 6th Earl Winterton (elected)ConservativeUnopposed

Electorate: 44,355

14th December 1918
Edward Turnour, 6th Earl Winterton (elected)Conservative15,64486.0%
E.M. RodocanachiIndependent2,54414.0%

Electorate: 62,085

The Representation of the People Act 1918 gave suffrage to men over 21 and women over 30.