Crawley Council Election Results 2010-2019

Current Councilers are highlighted.

2nd May 2019
Bewbush & North Broadfield
Marion Ayling (Elected) Labour 102922%
Rory Fiveash (Elected)Labour 94820%
Michael Gerard Jones (Elected)Labour 87319%
Tony Herbert Conservative4199%
Nina Wakeling Conservative3848%
Angela Khassal Conservative3257%
Richard Kail Green Party 3217%
Sarah Smith Liberal Democrats 1724%
Janet Elizabeth Setford-Thompson Legacy 1082%
Arshad Khan Justice Party 1062%
  Turnout: 24%
Ian Irvine (Elected)Labour102723%
Tim Lunnon (Elected)Labour86819%
Tahira Rana (Elected)Labour80718%
Stefan FranksConservative67315%
Valerie KnightConservative59613%
Irshad JalaldeenConservative54012%
  Turnout: 24%
Furnace Green
Duncan Crow (Elected) Conservative 111929%
Carol Eade (Elected) Conservative 105027%
Dan Dobson Labour 86122%
Laura-Lee Willcock Labour 69318%
Harry Old Liberal Democrats 1714%
  Turnout: 46%
Gossops Green & North East Broadfield
Christopher Mullins (Elected) Labour 66624%
Liam Ascough (Elected) Conservative 65623%
Susan Mullins Labour 60522%
Lisa Vitler Conservative 59821%
Iain Bradley Martin Dickson Green Party 2188%
Neil James Setford-Thompson Legacy 612%
  Turnout: 33%
Geraint Thomas (Elected)Labour 116719%
Peter Charles Smith (Elected) Labour 113219%
Jilly Hart (Elected)Labour 107618%
Josh Bounds Conservative 94515%
Martin Stone Conservative 93215%
Tahir Ashraf Conservative 86414%
  Turnout: 32%
Langley Green & Tushmore
Shahzad Abbas Malik (Elected)Labour 96523%
Brenda Ann Smith (Elected)Labour 95823%
Tom McAleney (Elected)Labour 81619%
Bradley Constable Conservative 3659%
Tanya Taylor Conservative 3208%
William Arinze Conservative 3137%
Mike Sargent Liberal Democrats 2676%
Lawrence Mallinson Liberal Democrats 1915%
  Turnout: 28%
Kim Jaggard (Elected)Conservative 121624%
Jennifer Millar-Smith (Elected)Conservative 118823%
Duncan Peck (Elected)Conservative 105121%
Cecilia Hughes Labour 58011%
Neil Christopher Hughes Labour 54311%
Daniel Emuebie Ugbo Labour 49410%
  Turnout: 29%
Northgate & West Green
Peter Keir Lamb Labour 112618%
Gurinder Singh Jhans Labour 101617%
Karen Sudan Labour 99616%
Zack Ali Conservative82713%
Connor Bounds Conservative73412%
Maureen Mwagale Conservative66211%
Sally Claire Fadelle Green Party 4197%
David Anderson Liberal Democrats 3666%
  Turnout: 32%
Pound Hill North
Richard David Burrett (Elected) Conservative 106523%
Tina Belben (Elected) Conservative 103822%
Kevan McCarthy (Elected) Conservative 97621%
Olusina Adeniyi Labour 47710%
Siobhan Gallichan Labour 47310%
Winifred Norma Catherine Duggan Labour 45010%
John Mac Canna Legacy 1613%
  Turnout: 31%
Pound Hill South and Worth
Andrew Belben Conservative 116720%
Bob Lanzer Conservative 116520%
Alison Pendlington Conservative 105118%
Colin Flack Labour 71012%
Emma Newnham Labour 63311%
Stuart Aruna Gunatillake Labour 5069%
Cyril James Gambrell Green Party 4838%
  Turnout: 34%
Mike Pickett Labour 106519%
Morgan Flack Labour 101718%
Raj Sharma Labour 99917%
Simon Piggott Conservative 85615%
Inna Orjola Conservative 77514%
Karim Khassal Conservative 72213%
Kevin Osborne Liberal Democrats 3015%
  Turnout: 34%
Three Bridges
Brenda Burgess Conservative 97618%
Bob Burgess Conservative 96918%
Jonathan Purdy Conservative 79815%
Julian Charatan Labour 75214%
Angela Malik Labour 74314%
Stephen Pritchard Labour 71013%
Danielle Kail Green Party 4258%
  Turnout: 33%
Francis Guidera Conservative 80327%
Charles Petts Conservative 65122%
Kiran Khan Labour 64622%
Carlos Portal Castro Labour 63121%
Derek Hardman Green Party 2599%
  Turnout: 37%

Overall turnout was 32%.

3rd May 2018
Michael Gerard Jones (Elected)Labour 89158%
Thomas BidwellConservative45229%
Sarah SmithLiberal Democrat1319%
Arshad KhanJustice Party342%
Janet Elizabeth Setford-ThompsonLegacy322%
  Turnout: 25%
Broadfield North
Ian Irvine (Elected)Labour82267%
Irshad JalaldeenConservative33828%
Christopher James BrownLegacy615%
  Turnout: 27%
Broadfield South
Tim Lunnon (Elected)Labour65254%
Jonathan PurdyConservative47839%
George Paul BirdLegacy827%
  Turnout: 27%
Furnace Green
Carol Eade (Elected)Conservative100848%
Dan DobsonLabour97647%
Harry OldLiberal Democrats985%
Allan Peter GriffithsLegacy151%
  Turnout: 47%
Laura-Lee Willcock (Elected)Labour115047%
Josh BoundsConservative114147%
John LethbridgeLiberal Democrat1235%
Neil James Setford-ThompsonLegacy392%
  Turnout: 37%
Langley Green
Shahzad Abbas Malik (Elected)Labour112461%
Kevin HallConservative58632%
Marko ScepanovicLiberal Democrat1418%
  Turnout: 32%
Nigel Boxall (Elected)Conservative134969%
Morgan FlackLabour54628%
Leonard Thomas ElphickLegacy482%
  Turnout: 30%
Peter Keir Lamb (Elected)Labour and Co-operative67451%
Andrew HumphreysConservative57644%
Mike SargentLiberal Democrat736%
  Turnout: 32%
Pound Hill North
Richard Burrett (Elected)Conservative119466%
Stuart GunatillakeLabour60534%
  Turnout: 33%
Pound Hill South and Worth
Andrew Belben (Elected)Conservative137660%
Colin FlackLabour91140%
  Turnout: 37%
Raj Sharma (Elected)Labour Party112546%
Karim KhassalConservative111146%
Kevin OsborneLiberal Democrat1998%
  Turnout: 38%
West Green
Karen Sudan (Elected)Labour61549%
Ian PendlingtonConservative54743%
David AndersonLiberal Democrat998%
  Turnout: 34%

Overall turnout was 33%.

8th June 2017

An election was held in Pound Hill South and Worth following the resignation of Borough Councillor Beryl Mecrow.

Pound Hill South and Worth
Alison Pendlington (Elected)Conservative 2,43552.23%
Colin FlackLabour1,67735.97%
Daniel ElliottGreen Party1934.14%
Harry OldLiberal Democrat1924.12%
Janet Elizabeth Setford-ThompsonUKIP1653.54%

Overall turnout was %.

4th May 2017

An election was held in Maidenbower following the resignation of Borough Councillor Ken Trussell.

Nigel Boxall (Elected)Conservative 137765.08%
Morgan FlackLabour41319.52%
Paul CummingsLiberal Democrat1788.41%
Allan GriffithsUKIP1004.73%
Richard KailGreen Party482.27%

Overall turnout was %.

5th May 2016
Marion Ayling (Elected)Labour 76152.8%
Andrew BelbenConservative31922.1%
Christopher BrownUKIP22315.5%
Sarah SmithLiberal Democrat624.3%
Martin KailGreen Party543.8%
Arshad KhanJustice Party221.5%
  Turnout: 23.56%
Broadfield North
Brian Quinn (Elected)Labour82576.7%
Irshad JalaldeenConservative25023.3%
  Turnout: 24.11%
Broadfield South
Tahira Rana (Elected)Labour61050.8%
Charles PettsConservative42435.3%
Charlotte FrancoGreen Party16613.8%
  Turnout: 27.66%
Gossops Green
Christopher Mullins (Elected)Labour76750%
Philip NorvilleConservative58037.8%
Neil Setford-ThompsonUKIP18612.1%
  Turnout: 39.16%
Peter Smith (Elected)Labour and Co-operative Party100245.4%
Andrew JaggerConservative82737.5%
George BirdUKIP30513.8%
Richard KailGreen Party743.4%
Mike SargentLiberal Democrat56
  Turnout: 34.93%
Langley Green
Brenda Smith (Elected)Labour92158.2%
Kevin HallConservative34121.6%
Sharon KennettUKIP18911.9%
Marko ScepanovicLiberal Democrat966.1%
Rudolf AffolterGreen Party352.2%
  Turnout: 28.34%
Duncan Peck (Elected)Conservative119970.9%
Akram RanaLabour32219%
Danielle KailGreen Party17110.1%
  Turnout: 26.11%
Pound Hill North
Tina Belben (Elected)Conservative94764.4%
Tony PatelLabour39526.9%
Valerie SpoonerLiberal Democrat1298.8%
  Turnout: 28.68%
Pound Hill South and Worth
Robert Lanzer (Elected)Conservative120659.7%
Colin FlackLabour67533.4%
Daniel ElliottGreen Party1396.9%
  Turnout: 32.6%
Michael Pickett (Elected)Labour Party117953.7%
Alison BerridgeConservative88940.5%
Kevin OsborneLiberal Democrat1265.7%
  Turnout: 35.33%
Three Bridges
Brenda Burgess (Elected)Conservative91852.1%
Daryl Duncan-EnglishLabour74242.1%
Colin YoungLiberal Democrat1035.8%
  Turnout: 32.39%
Carlos Portal Castro (Elected)Labour75043.4%
Claire GriffithsConservative64537.3%
Allan GriffithsUKIP24414.1%
Derek HardmanGreen Party502.9%
James HarperLiberal Democrat402.3%
  Turnout: 39.08%
West Green
Rory Fiveash (Elected)Labour53950.4%
Ian AnguigeConservative31129.1%
Carole LauderdaleUKIP13212.3%
David AndersonLiberal Democrat888.2%
  Turnout: 30.88%

Overall turnout was 30.82%.

7th May 2015
Chris Cheshire (Elected)Labour 163644.8%
Patrick ReidConservative117332.1%
Simon DarrochUKIP63117.3%
Richard KailGreen Party1714.7%
Arshad KhanJustice401.1%
  Turnout: 57%
Furnace Green
Duncan Crow (Elected)Conservative156049.8%
Bhasker PatelLabour90328.8%
Allan GriffithsUKIP51616.5%
David AndersonLiberal Democrat1565.0%
  Turnout: 69%
Gossops Green
Lisa Vitler (Elected)Conservative127846.6%
Jason VineLabour92033.6%
Christopher BrownUKIP54419.8%
  Turnout: 69%
Martin Stone (Elected)Conservative231254.8%
Sue MullinsLabour190645.2%
  Turnout: 62%
Langley Green
Andrew Skudder (Elected)Labour173951.2%
Andrew JaggerConservative95728.2%
Sharon KennettUKIP54916.2%
Kevin OsborneLiberal Democrat1524.5%
  Turnout: 59%
Kim Jaggard (Elected)Conservative345576.4%
Sumon AhmedLabour106623.6%
  Turnout: 69%
Geraint Thomas (Elected)Labour122753.0%
Tina BelbenConservative93040.2%
Michael SargentLiberal Democrat1566.7%
  Turnout: 59%
Pound Hill North
Kevan McCarthy (Elected)Conservative234167.0%
Carlos PortalLabour85324.4%
Valerie SpoonerLiberal Democrat2998.6%
  Turnout: 69%
Pound Hill South and Worth
Beryl Mecrow (Elected)Conservative290167.7%
Rory FiveashLabour138332.3%
  Turnout: 68%
Jan Tarrant (Elected)Conservative189448.4%
Michael PickettLabour156439.9%
Robin FittonGreen Party2686.8%
Elke SmithLiberal Democrat1373.5%
Adam BrownLibertarian Party531.4%
  Turnout: 61%
Three Bridges
Bob Burgess (Elected)Conservative159744.2%
Daryl EnglishLabour130836.2%
Martin RannUKIP48313.4%
Tim HoltGreen Party2236.2%
  Turnout: 65%
Francis Guidera (Elected)Conservative136247.3%
Julian CharatanLabour116640.5%
Derek HardmanGreen Party1866.5%
James HarperLiberal Democrat1665.8%
  Turnout: 65%

Overall turnout was 64.17%.

9th October 2014

An election was held following the resignation of Borough Councillor Karl Williamson in Southgate.

Michael Pickett (Elected)Labour73344.1%
Jan TarrantConservative64238.6%
Simon Darroch UKIP27716.7%
Arshad Khan Justice100.6%

Overall turnout was %.

22nd May 2014
Michael Jones (Elected)Labour89148.5%
Casey LavingtonUKIP51528.0%
Tina BelbenConservative37020.1%
Arshad KhanJustice613.3%
  Turnout 28.9%
Broadfield North
Ian Irvine (Elected)Labour77953.8%
Christopher BrownUKIP34824.0%
Corinne BowenConservative29220.2%
Derek IsaacsSocialist Labour302.1%
  Turnout 31%
Broadfield South
Tim Lunnon (Elected)Labour65044.1%
Mia BristowUKIP43929.8%
David BowenConservative38626.2%
  Turnout 32.6%
Furnace Green
Carol Eade (Elected)Conservative86644.0%
Andrew CliffordLabour53527.2%
Allan GriffithsUKIP46523.6%
David AndersonLiberal Democrat1015.1%
  Turnout 43.5%
John Stanley (Elected)Labour99538.8%
Martin StoneConservative75829.6%
Steven WadeUKIP66826.1%
Richard SymondsIndependent1435.6%
  Turnout 38%
Langley Green
Stephen Joyce (Elected)Labour107854.8%
Sharon KennettUKIP47123.9%
Andrew JaggerConservative33316.9%
Kevin OsborneLiberal Democrat864.4%
  Turnout 33.2%
Ken Trussell (Elected)Conservative111452.8%
Julian CharatanLabour50824.1%
Simon DarrochUKIP48623.1%
  Turnout 31.8%
Peter Lamb (Elected)Labour82161.6%
Ray WardConservative51138.4%
  Turnout 34.5%
Pound Hill North
Richard Burrett (Elected)Conservative105954.1%
Craig BurkeUKIP42521.7%
Robbie SharmaLabour36218.5%
Valerie SpoonerLiberal Democrat1105.6%
  Turnout 37.9%
Pound Hill South & Worth
Howard Bloom (Elected)Conservative125029.8%
Beryl Mecrow (Elected)Conservative110226.2%
Emma BartonUKIP57913.8%
Gillian JoyceLabour55613.2%
Jason VineLabour46211.0%
Nicholas DennisLiberal Democrat2526.0%
  Turnout 37.8%
Raj Sharma (Elected)Labour88835.1%
Jan TarrantConservative82332.5%
Lee GilroyUKIP59023.3%
Mike PickettIndependent2289.0%
  Turnout 38.3%
West Green
Karen Sudan (Elected)Labour59045.7%
Vanessa CumperConservative32124.9%
Alison BurkeUKIP31124.1%
Elke SmithLiberal Democrat695.3%
  Turnout 34.9%

Overall turnout was 35.21%.

2nd May 2013
Bewbush & Ifield West
Chris Oxlade (Elected)Labour92748.6%
Norman AstonUKIP49225.8%
Duncan PeckConservative37819.8%
Arshad KhanJustice402.1%
Lucy-Marie NelsonLiberal Democrat703.7%
  Turnout 22.4%
Brian Quinn (Elected)Labour108450.5%
Lee GilroyConservative49423.0%
Mia BristowUKIP47622.2%
Keith SunderlandLiberal Democrat512.4%
Derek IsaacsSocialist Labour422.0%
  Turnout 23.4%
Gossops Green & Ifield East
Sue Mullins (Elected)Labour110941.0%
Ken TrussellConservative72026.6%
Steven WadeUKIP70526.1%
Iain DicksonGreen1063.9%
Gregory CollinsLiberal Democrat622.3%
  Turnout 32.3%
Langley Green & West Green
Brenda Smith (Elected)Labour155858.4%
Peter BrentUKIP53320.0%
Vanessa CumperConservative49918.7%
Kevin OsborneLiberal Democrat772.9%
  Turnout 27.9%
Bob Lanzer (Elected)Conservative116550.3%
Peter SmithLabour50621.8%
Simon MizziUKIP46219.9%
Ben LilesGreen1044.5%
Bill MorrisonLiberal Democrat793.4%
  Turnout 24.9%
Northgate & Three Bridges
Peter Lamb (Elected)Labour106540.2%
Bob BurgessConservative89433.8%
Andrew GillUKIP56221.2%
David AndersonLiberal Democrat1274.8%
  Turnout 32%
Pound Hill & Worth
Richard Burrett (Elected)Conservative149356.4%
John MacCannaUKIP54520.6%
David ShreevesLabour41315.6%
Susi LilesGreen1134.3%
Graham KnightLiberal Democrat833.1%
  Turnout 30.3%
Southgate & Crawley Central
Michael Jones (Elected)Labour77436.8%
Howard BloomConservative65531.2%
David MatthewsUKIP48222.9%
Malcolm LilesGreen1336.3%
Anthony MillsonLiberal Democrat572.7%
  Turnout 27.1%
Tilgate & Furnace Green
Duncan Crow (Elected)Conservative146144.2%
Colin MoffattLabour105431.9%
Graham HarperUKIP54416.5%
Derek HardmanGreen1243.8%
John LovellLiberal Democrat621.9%
Richard SymondsIndependent561.7%
  Turnout 35.1%

Overall turnout was 28.3%.

3rd May 2012
Marion Ayling (Elected)Labour87470.9%
Susan LesterConservative28523.1%
Arshad KhanJustice746.0%
  Turnout 19.9%
Broadfield North
Brian Quinn (Elected)Labour73869.4%
Simon DarrochConservative32630.6%
  Turnout 22.6%
Broadfield South
Colin Moffatt (Elected)Labour64557.5%
Lee GilroyConservative47642.5%
  Turnout 25.2%
Gossops Green
Chris Mullins (Elected)Labour73147.7%
Beryl MecrowConservative65842.9%
Vernon AtkinsonBritish National915.9%
Iain DicksonGreen543.5%
  Turnout 38.7%
Peter Smith (Elected)Labour98349.6%
Ali BurkeConservative66033.3%
Steven WadeUK Independence33717.0%
  Turnout 29.4%
Langley Green
Brenda Smith (Elected)Labour108568.3%
Richard NixonConservative34721.8%
Gill AndrewUK Independence1579.9%
  Turnout 27.6%
Duncan Peck (Elected)Conservative107471.6%
Andrew SkudderLabour42528.4%
  Turnout 23.2%
Pound Hill North
Keith Brockwell (Elected)Conservative88062.5%
Kultar JogiLabour30721.8%
John Mac CannaUK Independence14010.0%
Richard SymondsIndependent805.7%
  Turnout 27.8%
Pound Hill South & Worth
Bob Lanzer (Elected)Conservative122471.0%
Sina AdeniyiLabour49929.0%
  Turnout 27.6%
Liam Marshall-Ascough (Elected)Conservative92044.5%
Raj SharmaLabour85441.3%
Malcolm LilesGreen29414.2%
  Turnout 31.9%
Three Bridges
Brenda Burgess (Elected)Conservative87554.6%
Samantha BatemanLabour72845.4%
  Turnout 30.3%
Colin Lloyd (Elected)Labour87859.4%
George O’KeefeConservative48232.6%
Derek HardmanGreen1198.0%
  Turnout 32.8%
West Green
Bill Ward (Elected)Labour65867.3%
Chrissie BrownConservative32032.7%
  Turnout 26.5%

Overall turnout was 27.7%.

5th May 2011
Chris Cheshire (Elected)Labour112161.7%
Pravin MistryConservative56431.0%
Arshad KhanJustice1327.3%
  Turnout 29.55%
Furnace Green
Duncan Crow (Elected)Conservative103650.0%
Colin MoffattLabour72234.8%
Darren WiseLiberal Democrat1637.9%
Maris LilesGreen1527.3%
  Turnout 49.48%
Gossops Green
Keith Blake (Elected)Conservative79745.8%
Chris MullinsLabour79245.5%
Iain DicksonGreen1528.7%
  Turnout 44.86%
Chris Oxlade (Elected)Labour128350.8%
Liam Marshall-AscoughConservative124549.2%
  Turnout 38.93%
Langley Green
David Shreeves (Elected)Labour113957.7%
Christine BrownConservative53927.3%
Peter BrentUK Independence1708.6%
Kevin OsborneLiberal Democrat1266.4%
  Turnout 34.55%
Lenny Walker (Elected)Conservative173776.9%
Olusina AdeniyiLabour52223.1%
  Turnout 35.85%
Geraint Thomas (Elected)Labour and Co-Operative83160.1%
Duncan PeckConservative55139.9%
  Turnout 37.15%
Pound Hill North
Sally Blake (Elected)Conservative124159.1%
Aneel SharmaLabour43520.7%
Eddie ReayLiberal Democrat27613.1%
John CannaUK Independence1487.0%
  Turnout 42.78%
Pound Hill South & Worth
Claire Denman (Elected)Conservative178369.2%
Anita BatemanLabour79430.8%
  Turnout 41.66%
Karl Williamson (Elected)Conservative109144.5%
Raj SharmaLabour99540.6%
Malcolm LilesGreen36614.9%
  Turnout 39.91%
Three Bridges
Bob Burgess (Elected)Conservative125758.5%
Thakordas PatelLabour89241.5%
  Turnout 42.03%
Nigel Boxall (Elected)Conservative92148.5%
Peter SmithLabour83744.1%
Derek HardmanGreen1427.5%
  Turnout 42.35%

Overall turnout was 39.4%.

7th October 2010

An election was held in Tilgate following the resignation of Borough Councillor Lawrence Taylor.

Colin Lloyd (Elected)Labour76450.8%
Ray WardConservative65643.6%
Maurice DayUKIP795.2%
Arshad KhanJustice60.4%

Overall turnout was 32.0%.

6th May 2010
Michael Jones (Elected)Labour166049.8%
Ray WardConservative128038.4%
Linda AtkinsonBNP39311.8%
  Turnout 54.0%
Broadfield North
Ian Irvine (Elected)Labour126753.0%
Adam BrownConservative112447.0%
  Turnout 55.1%
Broadfield South
Alan Quirk (Elected)Conservative127755.5%
Colin MoffattLabour102344.5%
  Turnout 54.5%
Furnace Green
Carol Eade (Elected)Conservative140846.0%
Jean CalcottLabour87328.5%
Darren WiseLiberal Democrats55418.1%
Vernon AtkinsonBNP2287.4%
  Turnout 71.8%
John Denman (Elected)Conservative187745.8%
John MortimerLabour161639.4%
Francis CarlinBNP3338.1%
Richard SymondsIndependent2716.6%
  Turnout 62.1%
Langley Green
Stephen Joyce (Elected)Labour157745.6%
Ijaz KhanConservative122535.4%
Kevin OsborneLiberal Democrats65418.9%
  Turnout 60.8%
Ken Trussell (Elected)Conservative298969.9%
Peter SmithLabour128930.1%
  Turnout 68.4%
Peter Lamb (Elected)Labour110449.9%
Mirza AliConservative85438.6%
Dennis KenealyBNP25311.4%
  Turnout 60.2%
Pound Hill North
Richard Burrett (Elected)Conservative211159.5%
Eddie ReayLiberal Democrats70219.8%
Jogi SinghLabour61117.2%
Dinesh TagarsiUKIP1243.5%
  Turnout 69.6%
Pound Hill South & Worth
Lee Burke (Elected)Conservative258659.2%
Philomena WoodhamsLabour98422.5%
Sulu PandyaLiberal Democrats79518.2%
  Turnout 70.1%
Howard Bloom (Elected)Conservative183948.9%
Jim McGoughLabour160342.6%
Ryan GriceBNP3228.6%
  Turnout 60.2%
West Green
Vanessa Cumper (Elected)Conservative94644.6%
TP PatelLabour93644.2%
Stuart MinihaneBNP23711.2%
  Turnout 60.0%

Overall turnout was 62.5%.